1 Some Search Engines have banned submissions from this program.
2 Deep Submission (selectable 1, 10, 100 or more pages automatically all at once).
3 Typicaly SE change updates and program fixes are free for 1 year, but some Updates may Cost per year
a Web Position Gold Charges a annual fee of $99 for Page Critic Updates after 90 days.
b Search Engine Commando charges $35 per update (about every 6 Months)
4 All page information loaded automatically from Local Drive or Web Site (no manual entries of Description, Keywords, or Titles).
5 Selectable Search Engines, (Turn off or on some SE's).
6 IP Changes with each submission.
7 Does not leave "fingerprints" behind. Might be blocked by some of the search engines.
8 URL search (see exactly how many pages from your site is indexed).
9 Make customized doorways or edit main page.
10 Smart Site Selection: (automatically decides if a site will accept your submission and chooses a category for you based on your site details).
11 Page Critic Updates Annual Subscription
12 Unlimited Domains (but only if they are your Domains not Clients)
13 Can do multi pages but must build one page at a time.
14 Meta Tags Auto, contact name, email manual
15 Meta Tags Require 1 click (extract) to load per page.
16 Major Search Engines which accept Adult

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